17 March, 2020

Information about NRL Services during the COVID19 Pandemic

Like you, we are constantly monitoring the COVID19 pandemic and assessing the implications for our organisation, as well as for our customers. 


We are writing to advise that we do not anticipate any interruption to our ability to provide our routine services at this time and we are actively communicating with our supply chain partners to review their status. If the situation should change, we will keep you informed but at this stage, we are implementing our preparedness plans and continuing to operate business as usual.


For a few international customers there have been some delays to EQAS shipments; however we are working with each affected organisation to make arrangements, including delayed submission of results, if this should become necessary. 


Please contact us if you have any queries or concerns.


T: +61 3 9418 1111


E: info@nrlquality.org.au

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