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NRL QC: New QConnect Controls Available for Order


A number of new QConnect QCs are available for order, direct from NRL and include the following:

  • QConnect HIV p24 (appropriate for all HIV Combi and antigen only assays)

  • QConnect HEPR  (includes Anti-HBs IgG, Anti-HBe IgG, Anti-HAV IgG, Anti-HEV IgG)

  • QConnect HPVNEG (negative for human papillomavirus (HPV) NAT)

  • QConnect HPV16NAT (containing HPV genotype 16 only)

  • QConnect HPV18NAT (containing HPV genotype 18 only)

To purchase these and other QConnect QCs, please complete the online Order Form to receive your product in 3 business days.