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It is with great sadness that we farewell our valued team member Marlene Tschaepe. Marlene joined NRL 5 years ago as a member of the Training Team.  As part of this role, Marlene spent the time that she was not away on Training missions in NRL’s laboratory performing routine and project testing.  Participating in laboratory activities meant that Marlene was able to relate to trainees’ questions based directly on her NRL laboratory experience.  

Marlene contributed greatly to NRL’s activities and we are very sorry to lose her.  She has taken up a position at MDU. On her departure Marlene told us that to work at MDU had been a lifetime dream.  While NRL’s loss is MDU’s gain, we are very pleased for Marlene that she has achieved her goal and wish her the very best in her new role.  Marlene made many friends at NRL so we expect she will not become a stranger to us.

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