EDCNet - QC Results & Reports

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EDCNet is internet-based software specifically designed for monitoring serology and nucleic acid testing (NAT) QC results. EDCNet allows for simple collection, management and analysis of QC data in real-time. Access is free when purchasing QConnect QC samples. Once registered as a QConnect member you can access EDCNet by using your registered email address and creating your own password to login.

EDCNet functionality is designed for all levels of users. Basic users can set up EDCNet and walk away having automated alerts and customised QC reports such as Levey-Jennings or Mean/Scatter graphical or tabular reports emailed. Power users can take advantage of the advanced in-built QC analyses functions to identify and investigate trends and shifts in QC results. EDCNet also has a “network” option allowing groups of laboratories to compare QC test results across all laboratories within that network.