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June 2017: Standardisation of Genomic Amplification Techniques and Serology/ Standardisation of Infection Diagnostics (SoGATS/SID) Workshop in London

NRL staff attended the SoGATS/SID meeting held in London between 26 and 28 June 2017.  The aim of this meeting is for relevant parties to come together and discuss International Standards to be planned, designed and proposed to the World Health Organization Expert Committee on Biological Standards (ECBS).


Previously, this meeting has focused on nucleic acid testing (NAT) in blood safety. Subsequently the meeting has been expanded to discuss clinical diagnostic NAT and serology. In 2017, this was further built upon by addressing the need for standardisation in bacteriology, parasitology, rapid diagnostic devices and in next generation sequencing. 


There were a number of new proposals for International Standards discussed that will be put forward to the ECBS.  In addition, as a group, SoGATS will be making a recommendation to all users of International Serology Standards on how these should be applied appropriately. An example of their application would be to determine vaccine efficacy, but not to calibrate diagnostic serology tests (e.g. rubella) in the quest for a quantitative result value.

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