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NRL Scientific Consulting and Training: NRL Supports the South East Asia Laboratory Strengthening Project

NRL, along with Integrated Quality Laboratory Services, are part of a Consortium led by the Mérieux Foundation authorised to reinforce national health systems in Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.  The South East Asia Laboratory Strengthening (SEALAB) project leverages upon the One Health approach to support and strengthen human and animal health laboratory capacity to detect and respond to emerging infectious disease outbreaks which are potentially pandemic and/or zoonotic threats. 

The SEALAB project is funded by the Indo-Pacific Centre for Health Security at the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, under the ASEAN-Pacific Infectious Disease Detection and Response (APIDDaR) program.  NRL’s role in this project is to support and strengthen the quality of testing being performed, so that these countries are better equipped to respond to outbreaks of infectious diseases. The project includes supporting the COVID-19 response in each of these countries, where relevant.

A Project Kick-off Meeting was held on 7 August 2020 to initiate the SEALAB project activities in Cambodia.  Further details may be found here

Consortium for the South East Asian Laboratory Strengthening Project.

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NRL is designated a WHO Collaborating Centre for Diagnostics and Laboratory Support for HIV and AIDS and Other Blood-borne Infections