Posted: November 2023


  • Conference Overview

    We are proud to share that NRL’s Katherine Woods was invited to present an elevator pitch and her poster titled ‘Bleeding Love: NRL’s Plasma Biobank’ at the 20th Annual ABNA Conference from October 18-20. With over 150 delegates across Australian and New Zealand Biobanks, sessions were focused on Biobanking After Hours, Living Biobanks, Fertility and Paediatric Biobanking and Culturally safe Biobanking. The conference served as a testament to ABNA’s enduring legacy of fostering meaningful connections and promoting excellence in various fields of Biobanking. Excitingly, Katherine won the award for best elevator pitch presentation, scoring her a dolphin encounter en route to the conference dinner. Congratulations Katherine!  

    October Biobabble

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    October Biobabble 2023