The critical task of ensuring accurate patient diagnosis is often left to highly-specialised reference and confirmatory testing laboratories.

NRL is proud of its reputation as a screening and confirmatory laboratory for infectious disease testing, including services such as reference testing, screening of blood and tissue donors, and contract testing.

Utilising validated testing strategies, NRL Testing operates as a reference laboratory for HIV, HCV and HTLV specimens whose status cannot be resolved by routine screening or other diagnostic laboratories.

As a GMP-accredited laboratory, NRL performs TGA-licensed screening of blood and tissue donors for HIV, HBV, HCV, HTLV and Syphilis. Where IVDs are not validated for alternative sample types, NRL offers TGA-licensed testing of cadaveric samples for use in certain serology and molecular IVDs.

Our team offers

  • Reference Testing

    NRL Testing serves as a reference point for HIV, HCV and HTLV samples whose status cannot be resolved. NRL has designed testing strategies that include selected tests not widely used by other laboratories.

    These testing strategies have been developed by collecting and testing large numbers of samples, carrying out follow-up studies on indeterminate samples, and assessing the most efficient means of combining tests to give the most satisfactory and accurate diagnoses.


    NRL Testing provides TGA-licensed screening of samples collected from living and cadaver blood and tissue donors.

    Contract Testing

    The NRL Testing team can also undertake contract testing in the form of projects, clinical trials and collaborations for epidemiological purposes and assessment of new IVDs.

Testing Forms and Information

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