Posted: August 2023


  • Quarterly Statistics

    SVI Biobank continues to grow in 2023, here are all the important statistics from Q2 2023.

    Accreditation Updates

    The SVI Biobank is working hard towards ISO 20387 accreditation. A gap analysis was undertaken against the standard, and the documents and polices are in development, on track for 2024. Verification and validation of SVI Biobank processes is underway, with an establishment and monitoring of defined quality metrics in place. 

    New Research Studies

    In Q2 2023, Biobank commenced 2 new studies with the Clinical Haematology Department at SVHM. One a clinical trial, and one biobanking of patient samples for future research. These studies will help build upon biobank’s diverse sample base, and add to our wealth of knowledge surrounding disease identification.

    If you are interested in conducting studies with SVI Biobank, please get in contact with Biobank Coordinator, Katherine Woods.

    [email protected]

    For more information about Biobank:

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