Posted: May 2023


  • May 2023 EQAS Price Change

    Please be advised there will be a price increase across all EQAS products from NRL, effective 1 May 2023.

    Inflation across manufacturing, transportation and general running costs are the driving factors in our pricing change. We recognise and value our loyal customers and we are open to negotiating service contracts and pricing structures.

    If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Relations & Marketing Manager: Dhru Xiros – [email protected]

    Program Updates

    In 2023, NRL is expanding the Respiratory Molecular offering in 2023 and launching two new programs:

    • Extended Viral Respiratory Molecular Program (RESV435) and Bacterial Plus Respiratory Molecular Program (RESB435).

    • Influenza A Genotyping is also being added into the existing Viral Respiratory Molecular Program (RESP435).

    These three programs cover most analytes for respiratory molecular testing.


    CMV Molecular Program (CMVN435) is also being re-introduced in 2023:

    • This program is designed for laboratories which perform viral load and/or qualitative CMV molecular testing on plasma samples.

    All updated information can be found via the NRL EQAS 2023 Catalogue


    EQAS Customer Survey

    Following on from TE1 of the 2023 EQAS calendar, NRL has been busy constructing a customer survey to be distributed to all past and current participants. We would appreciate all forms of feedback.

    If you would like to complete this survey, you can access it via this link: EQAS Customer Survey or through the QR code below.