Posted: February 2023


  • New Optitrol Products Available

    NRL and DiaMex have released two new Optitrol NAT QCs: HIV2 and Paediatric G-2. Paediatric G-2 is newly developed for the VIDAS platform. Both are available for order now.

    MU Report Subscription in EDCNet

    If you were subscribed to MU report generation on EDCNet in 2022, these subscriptions have now expired. To take advantage of automated MU report generation in 2023 you’ll need to subscribe again. Please follow this link to the NRL website and MU report generation order forms.

    Article: What is the best external quality control sample for your laboratory?

    Authors: Giuseppe A. Vincini and Wayne J. Dimech
    From the journal Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (CCLM)

    Laboratory scientists and managers are often asked to consider the question “What is the best external quality control sample for your laboratory? “With the right advice and evidence-based science, the appropriate materials can be selected and used to improve the quality of laboratory testing.

    Read Full Article here.

    EDCNet Security Update

    NRL will soon be updating the security settings of EDCNet. Once this upgrade has been completed, some web browsers that have not be updated for several years may not be compatible with EDCNet. We suggest that you arrange for your web browser to be updated if this affects you.

    Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.