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NRL Partners with Technopath Clinical Diagnostics

NRL is delighted to announce its new partnership with Technopath Clinical Diagnostics for the provision of Quality Control (QC) for infectious diseases together with the QConnect™ program.


Established in 1985, NRL Australia is a not-for-profit, scientific organisation with extensive experience and knowledge of testing for infectious diseases. This expertise has been incorporated into the QConnect™ program, which is an integrated approach for monitoring the precision and accuracy of infectious disease testing through the meaningful analysis of QC.


Technopath Clinical Diagnostics, based in Ireland, is a global leader in the development and manufacture of total QC solutions for clinical laboratories.  In 2008, Technopath launched the in-vitro diagnostic industry’s first truly consolidated immunochemistry QC materials and since then has expanded its range of QC products, now being used by leading laboratories in over 120 countries.


Technopath is releasing a new range of QC materials for infectious diseases called Multichem® ID in association with NRL’s QConnect™ program. NRL is also collaborating with Technopath to provide a cloud-based QC software solution, by integrating the most advanced functionality available from both Technopath’s IAMQC and NRL’s EDCNet QC monitoring software packages.


The new partnership between NRL and Technopath will allow both companies to focus on enhancing the quality of infectious diseases testing and to support collaborative scientific partners worldwide in the promotion of accurate diagnosis and management of human communicable diseases, including HIV, Hepatitis, HTLV and other important blood-borne, congenital, transplantation and sexually-transmitted infections. In addition, it will ensure continuity of supply for Australian pathology laboratories and the Blood Service by providing an additional range of validated serology QC products compatible with the QConnect™ program.  


For more information on Technopath Clinical Diagnostics portfolio of Quality Controls supporting laboratory efficiencies in Infectious Disease testing please contact: or alternately in the US:

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NRL is designated a WHO Collaborating Centre for Diagnostics and Laboratory Support for HIV and AIDS and Other Blood-borne Infections