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What is the cost of misdiagnosis of infectious disease?

How do you know that the blood test results you receive from your doctor are accurate? What is the human toll of a false negative or false positive test result?

Pathology laboratories use serology and nucleic acid tests (NAT) to detect specific diseases such as: hepatitis, HIV, STIs, influenza and COVID-19. Each manufacturer’s test kit comes with manufacturer’s kit controls to validate the test results, but variation in testing still occurs.

External Quality Controls (EQC) are additional quality controls that are used to identify unacceptable variation of concern with your pathology test results. EQCs are manufactured from well-characterised and high-quality materials to meet industry standards and international regulations.

EQCs monitor the precision (variation) and accuracy (closeness to the true result) of laboratory testing. Laboratories test the EQCs regularly. The results are collected and analysed using sophisticated informatics programs that can detect unacceptable variation, often seen as shifts in EQC results, which may impact the quality of the patient’s result and potentially create poor clinical outcomes.

The QConnect concept from NRL (QC sample + informatics + QConnect Limits) is a leading EQC monitoring system, used globally by hundreds of testing laboratories each day around the world. Utilising specially designed QC samples optimised for each Manufacturer’s test kit, EQC data are used to establish QConnect Limits – limits based on thousands of data points reported for same test kit (the historical dataset for an assay/QC combination) – providing a clear advantage over traditional six sigma and/or mean ± SD EQC range techniques that utilise as few as 15 data points to set acceptance limits.

QConnect is the world leader in global peer data-based EQC analysis. No other method can claim such sophisticated quality control procedures as the QConnect Concept.

What is the QConnect Concept?

1.  Highest quality control samples, using true human disease-state plasma, optimised for each test system

2.  Data collection into the cloud-based EDCNet software

3.  EQC test results, analysed against peer (EQC/Test Kit) test results, displayed in graphical and tabular forms

4.  QConnect Limits, established using thousands of peer results, set upper and lower acceptance limits of EQC results, flagging when unacceptable results are detected.

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