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DiaMex based in Heidelberg, Germany offers a portfolio of manufacturer independent serological quality controls based on many years of experience with associated plasma donation centres. Diamex has expanded their range of services from plasma sourcing to the production of in vitro diagnostics and continues to develop new products according to the needs of customers. DiaMex serology quality controls are designed to optimally accommodate specific IVDs in use at an affordable price.


DiaMex is certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485 and has built long-term partnerships with experts in the industry to ensure continued success and further development and expansion of their product portfolio.

T: +49 622 1894 66940

W: www.diamex.com

E: order@diamex.com



Exact Diagnostics   


Exact Diagnostics has the mission to meet the exact quality control needs of clinical laboratories and assay manufacturers.

Exact Diagnostics is a molecular controls and standards company and also offers verification panels and daily run controls for ADV, BKV, CMV, EBV, HBV, HCV, HIV 1, Zika, and HPV Genotype Controls as well as numerous Custom Capabilities.

Exact Diagnostics’ ADV, BKV, CMV, EBV, HBV, HCV, and HIV 1, Zika verification panels have a wide dynamic range. Exact Diagnostics manufactures following cGMP in a FDA registered/ISO 13485 certified facility and is a customer-centric, nimble business focused on the Infectious Disease, Genetics, and Oncology markets.

T: +1 817 989 9262

W: www.exactdiagnostics.com

E: Customerservice@exactdiagnostics.com


Technopath Clinical Diagnostics


Technopath Clinical Diagnostics, a leader in the global IVD industry, is a company focused on independent quality control products and QC data management software solutions.

Our leading range of independent QC materials lets you simplify inventory, reduce costs, and improve efficiencies – completing workload in a timely manner, with fewer errors and ensuring laboratory resources are being used as effectively as possible.

Our data management systems IAMQC™ are designed to complement and support the Multichem product range. Having instant access to automated data analysis ensures that results can be reviewed efficiently, while reducing the potential for manual entry errors. IAMQC Software tools allow users to automate, centralise, standardise and improve QC processes in a laboratory setting.

Our solution will give you confidence in the clinical validity of your results, and it will allow you to easily meet all regulatory and accreditation guidelines.

With pressures increasing on the laboratory to turn around fast, accurate patient results, at Technopath we know that a high quality service offering is critical to success with any product entering the laboratory. Our focus is to deliver high quality service, as well as advanced technology solutions to facilitate the entire quality control process from end to end.

T: + 353 61 525700

W: www.technopathclinicaldiagnostics.com

E: info@technopathcd.com