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News and Announcements from the QC Services Team 


QConnect NAT QC Products

NRL’s QC offerings for HPV have changed for 2021. The previously available single formats of HPV NAT Gt16 and Gt18 have now been combined into a new QConnect triplex kit (QConnect HPVPOS) that contains three genotypes - Gt16, Gt18 and Gt68 - in the one vial. 

Available now, code NT21505, HPVPOS please refer to https://www.nrlquality.org.au/qconnect for further details.

Now also available is the Optitrol NAT QC single control NATNEG, negative for HBV, HCV and HIV-1 nucleic acids. A NAT negative product was unavailable for some time but now returns to the catalogue in 2021.

Refer to code NT01051, details at https://www.nrlquality.org.au/qconnect


Measurement Uncertainty Reports (MU reports) 

Access to MU reports has now changed in 2021. Previously available on request, MU reports will now be activated and available within the EDCNet software which our customers currently input data into.  

We have spent much time automating these reports, that allows a significantly faster and more efficient method of generation than our previously in house generated reports.  

This has become fully available as of March 1 2021. This new method of report generation will now move to a subscription service in 2021.  

An annual licence fee of $200 per site will apply and will be charged annually. Manual generation of MU reports has ceased with this automation.  In good news, MU reports will be able to be generated ad hoc and as often as required, for all time periods current and previous.  


Automation of Data Entry for QConnect Customers 

An exciting development for our QConnect customers is the move towards automated data entry for QConnect results. This removes the time consuming manual data entry and is an improvement to our system we have worked on for some time.  

This will be rolled out as a bespoke driver for your instrument and the rollout will follow a schedule, with Abbott Architect driver support being rolled out now and soon to be followed a driver for users of the DiaSorin Liaison.  

This will significantly improve workflows in the laboratory and save time and effort in data entry. Licence subscription fees will apply per instrument, which will be discussed with your customer relations manager in time.  

We do note though that the QConnect data analysis and statistical software remains and will always remain free/included to customers who purchase our QC kits.  


And a reminder for all our customers. We believe our QConnect limits software offers a far superior method of quality control reporting in serology and NAT.  Standards and limits designed for clinical chemistry cannot utilise the historical data to determine upper and lower limits that QC Limits in EDCNet can achieve. This utilises the limits obtained by similar customers and peers using the same tests on the same instruments to generate upper and lower limits.  

You can read our research article published in Clinical Chemistry in Laboratory Medicine for more detail:

Dimech W, Vincini G, Karakaltsas M Determination of quality control limits for serological infectious disease testing using historical data. Clin Chem Lab Med. 2014 Aug 12