Specificity Monitoring

Specificity Monitoring

Specificity Monitoring is a specialist service offered by NRL and utilised to identify the rates of false positive reactivity that can be attributed to different IVDs or laboratory practices.​

Blood screening laboratories testing for HIV, HCV, HBV and HTLV collate the number of specimens screened each week, IVD type and batch information, the number of initially and repeatedly reactive specimens, and the number of confirmed positive samples. These data are submitted to NRL via EDCNet. The initial reactor rate (IRR) and repeat reactor rate (RRR) are calculated. The difference between the IRR and RRR is a measure of the overall laboratory or technical error. This may be calculated for the overall results, for given IVDs and even for individual batches of any IVD.

For more information on Specificity Monitoring please phone: +61 3 9418 1104 or email the Manager, NRL QC Services - Joe Vincini: joe@nrlquality.org.au

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NRL is designated a WHO Collaborating Centre for Diagnostics and Laboratory Support for HIV and AIDS and Other Blood-borne Infections