NRL Scientific Consulting and Training

Who we have worked with:


Customised and sustainable training to enhance quality of infectious disease testing through education, advocacy and mentorship.


NRL Scientific Consulting and Training seeks to develop the capacity of laboratories and point-of-care sites to enhance the quality of testing. This includes collaborations with partners in health care systems to support the delivery of accurate diagnoses and involves a three pronged approach:

  1. Identify areas for improvement

  2. Respond to needs through education and training

  3. Ensure the sustainability of improved testing services

Our team delivers training in the following areas:

  • Laboratory Techniques

  • Quality Management Systems

  • Quality Control

  • Proficiency Programmes-EQAS

  • IVD Evaluations

  • Development and Validation of Testing Algorithms

Meet our NRL Scientific Consulting and Training Team:

Geraldine Kong


Sandy Walker


Innocent Mupunga


Vee Armstrong

For more information on NRL Scientific Consulting and Training services please phone: +61 3 9418 1100 or email the Scientific Consulting and Training Manager - Geraldine Kong: