Some EQAS materials provided to NRL have restrictions for further use. This material is considered proprietary to NRL and its collaborators. Therefore:

  1. The EQAS material provided by NRL may be used only for the purpose of EQAS. No other use is permitted without NRL’s agreement.
  2. Once the EQAS test event has closed, any remaining EQAS sample for each specific test event can be stored for ninety (90) days to allow for the resolution of aberrant results. After this time, all EQAS material provided by NRL for each test event must be disposed of according to local regulations. Evidence of disposal may be requested.
  3. The information and data from EQAS provided by NRL are the intellectual property of NRL and its collaborators. The data may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, for any purpose without the written permission of NRL. If permission is granted, acknowledgement of NRL and its collaborators’ contributions will be required.
  4. NRL EQAS information and/or data may not be used in any type of advertising or sales promotion.
  5. Test samples may contain pathogenic materials: participants assume all risk and responsibility for their receipt, handling, storage, use and disposal.
  6. Contact [email protected] for any queries.